Hip-Hop and Afrobeats Star J Wils Releases Afropop Playlist Single “Vibe With You”

Hip-Hop and Afrobeats Star J Wils Releases Afropop Playlist Single “Vibe With You”

Jan. 30th, 2023 (New York, NY) – For immediate release, hip-hop and Afrobeats music star, J Wils, has released the official music video for his latest Afropop playlist single: “Vibe With You” The single was first showcased at the Kizz Daniel concert in Liberia.

Fresh off his performance at the Kizz Daniel Live concert in Liberia 2022, J Wils has now released the music video for his new Afropop playlist single “Vibe With You”; the hip-hop and afrobeats star first showcased this latest along with other recent and upcoming releases, such as Mama (Mama Liberia), Sip-N-Dip, and Taken. He also had the opportunity to perform alongside personalities and music stars such as Kiss Daniel, DaVero, Kobazzaie, Teddyride, Stunn, J Slught, Baddgal Aiira, Angel Michael TV, Giant German Gina, and others. 

“Vibe with You” a new Afropop music video made in Africa with African born talent.

Everything is more colorful in Africa, from the outfits, cuisine, its people, to its overall culture; and it is only right to expect LaSmouve Records powerhouse to deliver a truly African made quality product. In  “Vibe With You” the playlist single melds together catchy Afrobeats and the colorful beauty of Africa’s people, the visuals and story line were created and shot in collaboration with Jackie Russ Films and filmed entirely in Liberia, West Africa. And with final mix and mastering done by Gentry Beats Music

J Wils’ Liberia performance next to African stars such as Kizz Daniel, DaVero, Kobazzie, Teddyride, J Slught and others – a perfect year end Afrobeats present.

For Hip Hop and Afropop star J Wils, 2022 was a busy year, marked by several releases and news appearances – both in America and in Africa (Liberia News Agency), but the best part came in the form of his return to his mother country Liberia.

It fulfilled a long planned trip to reconnect with his loved ones, and especially his mother; having the opportunity to perform in one of Africa’s premier stages: Monrovia’s ATS Stadium, and next to international afropop stars like Kizz Daniel (Buga), DaVero (Mwen Love Ou), Kobazzie (Party), Teddyride (Pray for Me), J Slught (No Money) and others, was the perfect year end present for the afrobeats star. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for 2023 but we are sure the Afropop star J Wils will certainly keep it interesting.

You can find J Wils’ material available on many music platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and others).

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