International Hip-Hop Star J Wils releases SIP-N-DIP top playlist single

Nov. 21st, 2022 (New York, NY) – For immediate release, hip-hop music star, J Wils, officially releases his latest 2022 top hip-hop playlist single: SIP-N-DIP. The much-awaited release is now available via streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and others.

Sip-N-Dip Popular Hip Hop streams by J Wils

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LaSmouve Records’ Hip-Hop superstar J Wils has done it again; his latest international hip-hop single  SIP-N-DIP is a masterpiece worthy of addition to top ten rap playlists, everywhere. And, in this, his latest rap music release, he doesn’t disappoint and stays true to his quality hip-hop trademark, energy, and rhythmic rap flava the New York / Connecticut native is known for, worldwide. 

Sip-N-Dip worthy of Spotify’s RapCaviar Top Ten Playlists

To the uninitiated, SIP-N-DIP, will feel like a definite well-balanced rap hit single, and will undoubtedly be added to many hip-hop playlists from the get-go – that’s just how good J Wils’ material is. For his existing fans, the single won’t disappoint since it is a quality mix of classic hip-hop with clear verses and modern hip-hop beats; think 50 Cent + Quavo & Takeoff + Terror Squad. With a mix like that it is easy to see why J Wils’ SIP-N-DIP is far beyond “a hit single”, it is instead part of a hip-hop collection of hits, worthy of inclusion in Spotify’s RapCaviar top ten most influential playlists in music; and, this is all in addition to it already being part of many club  and radio DJs’ top streamed playlists. 

Hip-Hop from Terror Squad to Kizz Daniel & Tekno’s Buga

There is no question then, current and new listeners will agree: J Wils’  SIP-N-DIP along with his previous releases (“Taken”, “Swagged Out”, “Freestyle 2021”, “College Party”) are a refreshing addition to today’s hip-hop music scene; but then again, we can’t expect any less from someone whose contributions to American hip-hop culture have been impactful, since the very beginning of his career at LaSmouve Records and his work with Terror Squad; it is no surprise then his latest work is also being showcased across continents, in Africa and along the likes of Kizz Daniel & Tekno (Buga) and MC Caro (Sound). We can’t wait to see what more musical gems J Wils is working on, but we are sure they will be hip-hop hits.

You can find J Wils’ material available on many music platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and others).

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