J Wils’ new rap single: Rachet out now on top rap playlists

December 11th, 2020 (New York, NY) – J WILS, LaSmouve Records’  artist, producer, songwriter, performer,  C.E.O. and of Fat Joe / Terror Squad fame, has officially released its new rap single RACHET, now available via a variety of streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, top streamed hip-hop playlists and more. 

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Listen to “RACHET” and watch the video HERE

“RACHET” follows up previous Hip Hop radio hits featuring J WILS – Born a Star, American Dream, 21, Start Over, College Party – released over the past two decades. J WILS previewed the song a week before, during his Hot 93.7 FM call with DJ Buck, where the two Kings of New England talked about the state of music in the Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey areas.

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RACHET marks the cap on the year 2020, one of the longest and most challenging years in modern history, full of social change and awareness; it also serves as a preview to what is sure to be an exciting 2021 year in Hip Hop music playlists.

RACHET offers a glimpse in the life of a single, strong, independent woman in a challenging adult industry, her struggle, her strengths, her will to go on, all the while having a bit of fun too! Work hard, play hard! It is a metaphor on the struggles of women in general, and especially on those who dare being assertive, reclaiming and using their sexuality, their image, skills and their smarts – combined – to succeed in a male dominated world; a world which tends to view them as objects or targets for political, religious, and social opportunists and their agendas, a world eager to place a number of negative labels on anything that doesn’t fit its “assigned” place, or uses these to limit their journey of personal success; all the while praising and saving the men who do just as well or worse, it is these very same men who dream of her in private while denying her in public.

This unjust world might call her RACHET but she’s far from it, she knows her worth, she is a go-getter and she is out to slay anything and anyone that gets in her way!